Camping at Cresswell Barn Farm, Wales

May been round again which meant another bank holiday camping trip to Newquay a bank holiday camping trip to Wales! That’s right, we broke with tradition and headed to Pembrokeshire and Cresswell Barn Farm for the last weekend in May.

After a relatively peaceful drive, our group arrived in to Pembrokeshire shortly before midday. Eager to get the bank holiday fun started, we drove straight to the campsite to pitch up our tent.

The Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite was ideal for us. Being a group of 10, it can be hard to find somewhere that would let us book. But Fiona at the campsite was incredibly friendly and helpful and was accommodating all the way through the booking process right up to when we arrived.

One of my favourite things about Cresswell Barn Farm was how natural it all is. The whole place was full of lush, green grass and sheep can be heard bleating in the distance. A little stream runs behind the pitches and is home to plenty of fish. Birds can be heard singing pretty much non-stop – the dawn chorus is particularly loud! There are even a pair of inquisitive horses lolling about in one corner. What was even better? There was little-to-none phone signal. It was the perfect place to switch off and relax.

Another plus point to this site was the facilities. And by this, I mean hot showers in particular! Our group has never had much luck when it came to finding a campsite with free hot, scrap that, warm showers. Instead, they’ve tended to be luke-warm or simply cold. Not ideal when camping! Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite, however. Wowee! Talk about heaven. There are two showers and a toilet in one building, then a lockable ‘family room’ with a power shower and toilet next door. Dave and I opted to use the family room first thing each morning and it was bliss!

Besides from it being peaceful in general, plenty of fellow campers rocked up to Cresswell Barn Farm. This simply added to the wonderful atmosphere that was already present when we arrived. It was also highly entertaining seeing flocks of children following Fiona as she went about her daily rounds!

After great first impressions of the campsite, things quickly turned sour for Dave and me when one of our tent poles snapped. We soon found ourselves racing to Tenby to hunt down a camping shop and luckily found a replacement pole at Morris Brothersa.k.a. our saviours! Not less than an hour later and with a little help from our friends, the tent had been erected and we were making the trip for weekend food supplies. Finally it was time for us to relax, crack open the drinks and cook up dinner on the BBQ – thanks to our head chef Carl and sous chef/drinks maker Dave. Once the food had gone, we then lit up the fire pit – which was hired alongside one crate of log for £5 for the weekend, additional logs were then charged at £5 per crate.

As the night drew in, the fire got warmer and we played Cards Against Humanity in the dying light. When it was too dark to read the words, we simply chilled and chatted next to the warmth of the fire. Moments like that one are those I treasure and are when I think I feel the most relaxed. And it was all topped off by two nights of, what seemed like, a million stars, twinkling in the night sky. I grew up in the countryside, before moving and remaining in more built up areas. Therefore, I’d forgotten how beautiful stars were. One of the nights, I walked back from the toilet block and stood for about 10 minutes, just admiring the sky. I even saw a shooting star! It was amazing.

I’ll be talking about our Welsh adventures in other posts, but before I finish this one, I’d like to mention one last ‘selling point’ about Cresswell Barn Farm: the local pub.

After a day of exploring Tenby, we trooped the short distance to the local pub, the Cresselly Arms. Located on the edge of a tidal creek, this pub has some pretty sweet views! At low tide, you can also cross some stepping stones! Although it’s not advisable to attempt this after your visit to the pub!

Not only is the Cresselly Arms a traditional, old-world pub, it’s also a famous one as it features in ‘Their Finest‘. If you ask nicely, the lively landlord may even show you pictures and regale tales from the filming! Just don’t expect anything fancy, stick with beer, wine or basic spirits when ordering!

All in all, our stay at Cresswell Barn Farm was an incredibly pleasant one. I have no doubt that we’ll return in future and would highly recommend it.

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