Welsh History at Carew Castle, Pembrokeshire

The skies had opened when we awoke in Pembrokeshire on the Sunday morning. Despite the glum start, my friends and I were ready for a day of adventuring. Starting with Carew Castle and Tidal Mill.

Carew Castle was found not far from the campsite, with entrance cost £6 per adult. This price also included admittance to the Tidal Mill. It was definitely money well spent!

A drizzly start to the Sunday in Pembrokeshire, Wales. - Amy Tinson Photography

The castle was fascinating! Whilst half of the group watched a weapons demonstration, the rest of us explored the grounds and took in the sights.

Most of Carew Castle was first built in the 13th century and has since had a rich history. It is now a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to it’s bat population which inhabit one of the towers and various regionally rare plant species that grow there. Despite it’s age, the castle still stands tall and proud and there were plenty of rooms and cubby holes to see.

We chose not to visit the Mill on this occasion. Instead, we went in search of lunch, having worked up quite the appetite during the hours we were there! But I would love to go again and do so next time, it looked great from afar.

It was a wonderful and interesting start to the Sunday and we all would highly recommend a visit!

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