Pit Stop at Barafundle Bay

On our way back to the campsite from the Green Bridge of Wales and Elegug Stacks, our convoy of two cars made a last minute decision to swing by our third and final adventure spot of the day. Also know as, Barafundle Bay.

A short walk from the car park later and we were met with some glorious views of the Pembrokeshire coastline.

Barafundle Bay was beautiful. From the top of the hill, our group admired the stretch of sand and coastal cliffs before working our way down to the beach.

My favourite type of beach is one that has soft sand that squidges between your toes whilst you walk – like the one at Tenby. Barafundle Bay’s beach had exactly that and it was lush!

It was even perfect for building sandcastles, as a previous visitor had found out and left behind!

Another wonderful thing about our visit to Barafundle Bay was how peaceful and quiet it was. Granted, it was around 7pm but it was lovely to pretty much have the place entirely to ourselves!

After a stroll along the shore, we wandered our way back up the beach, took one final glance at the view and headed ‘home’ to enjoy our last evening in Pembrokeshire.

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