Amy Walks: The Cleeve Hill Ring

At the end of summer, Dave and I took Pepper on a long walk around Cleeve Hill.

Having done the route before with my girlfriends, I knew where we were heading and so we set off, full steam ahead. Like pretty much every other dog on this planet, Pepper absolutely loves a walk and as soon as her lead was off, she was running around like a loony. How she doesn’t burn her energy quicker, I’ll never know!

Despite some intermittent rain showers, our Cleeve Hill walk had pleasant weather and the countryside looked as gorgeous as ever. Dave, Pepper and I worked our way around the paths, passing plenty of sheep as we went.

We soon came to the steep sections. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this section was harrrd. Pepper, of course, ran circles around me as I practically dragged my sorry behind up the slopes. I thought I was unfit, but jeez! However, after my consistent moaning and many, many breaks, we made it to flatter ground and life was good again.

The final part of the circular route skirted the edge of Cleeve Hill Common. Here, we were granted some incredible views of Gloucestershire and beyond. We admired the view until the cold wind became too much and we headed back towards the car.

My last Cleeve Hill trek took around five hours due to many breaks and photo stops. This one took only two and half hours. Two and a half! It was no wonder that I found myself puffing and panting more often than not as I tried to keep up with my boyfriend. I’ve already told him that our next walk will have to be at a slower pace if he doesn’t want his girlfriend to keel over from exhaustion!

We had a lovely – albeit fast paced *insert sweat-faced emoji here* – morning on Cleeve Hill. Our afternoon was then spent relaxing in the garden, eating BBQ food and drinking home-made sangria. Well, you must celebrate the little wins in life, don’t you!

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