Amy Walks: Ebrington Circular

I think that my Mum has been telling me about Ebrington for around ten years. She and her partner, Nick, have gone on many walks around the village and Mum’s always said that we should go. And not too long ago, we did!

Our walk started in a glorious fashion, with the sun shining hard on the Cotswold stone village cottages and buildings. Ebrington sure was looking picturesque! Leaving our cars behind, we started walking through the village.

Not long into the walk and we were already stopping to take photos of an absolutely beautiful cottage garden. There was a riot of colour, with so many flowers were in full bloom. Bees and butterflies swarmed the plants too. It would have been very easy to stay there for longer, but we had a route to complete and we dragged ourselves away.

Leaving Ebrington village behind, we headed into the surrounding countryside. We skirted the edge of fields, followed farming tracks and wandered through woodlands. It was such a varied and interesting walk; I could definitely see why Mum loved it!

We paused for a breather – and a chunky slice of battenberg…we had to keep our strength up in the heat! – on top of a bank. Here, we witnessed the most curious thing. A truck drove partway along a farm track in the distance, paused for a few minutes, reversed, then carried on ahead to the end of the field. Not that weird to start. What tipped us over the edge into all manner of horror/thriller type thoughts was, the truck then proceeded to go off-road and into an overgrown field, did a small loop and headed back the way it came. It could have easily turned around on the track and didn’t need to do so with a loop. What was it doing?! This became a great debate between the two of us, with our thoughts running wild!

After the truck excitement, we carried on with our trek in the lovely Gloucestershire countryside. The route ended back up in Ebrington and we arrived at our cars feeling rather good about ourselves.

I love going on walks with my Mum, I feel it has added another level to the things we have in common and can enjoy together. Ebrington’s was another brilliant trip out for us and we’ve already agreed to go back next year!

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