Midtown Walking Tour, New York

Waking up early – thanks jet lag! – we chose to get ahead of the game and set out on the first day of adventures. Namely, a Midtown walking tour.

Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling of waking up in New York City. Amazing is one word to describe it. I was incredibly excited. Literally to the point that I was jiggling up and down on the spot, much to the annoyance of my travel buddies, ready to face the day. It was a wonder I didn’t burst. And all I can do is apologise now to my boyfriend and friends for being the most frustratingly excited nightmare on this trip!

Firstly, we walked through snow – actual snow!! – and found Westway Diner for a traditional U.S. breakfast: waffles and bacon, topped with a – not so – healthy drizzle of sweet maple syrup. Delicious! This diner became our regular breakfast haunt for the rest of the trip and would highly recommend it to anyone making the trip to New York!

Once full, our plan was to collect Jodie from the apartment and then explore the Midtown on foot, checking out the main sights like Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Station.

We walked between from Times Square to the Radio City Music Hall

Passed the Rockefeller Center

Admired St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Chrysler Building…

Stood and people watched at Grand Central Station – making sure we tested the ‘Whispering Wall’ too, of course

All topped off with a visit to the Rockefeller Center’s observatory, a.k.a. the Top of the Rock.

The city views were insane!

20,000 steps, thousands of photos and a whole host of incredible spots admired. It was one hell of a DIY Midtown walking tour!

Having walked up an appetite, we also went on the hunt for a slice of pizza half way through the walking tour. Our little foursome has a long-standing relationship with pizza, and it was one of the main foods that we were desperate to try in New York. Because, what’s more iconic than pizza in NYC?! We soon found what we were looking for and they were delicious! I went for a meat feast and a chicken and broccoli. It was the perfect lunch stop and another tick off the ol’ bucket list!

With our Midtown walking tour over, it was time to enjoy a drink. We located a watering hole in Times Square to hide away in for a couple of hours, before heading back to the apartment to bed.

It was a dreamy first day in New York City and we had great fun exploring Midtown!

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