9/11 Memorial & Museum, NYC

The 11th September 2001. 9/11. It’s a date that we will never forget. A date that’s imprinted on our brains due to the horrendous acts of terrorism that took place in New York, killing too many people to count. But it was also a date that saw true heroism and bravery. And for those reasons, the four of us made it a goal to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and One World Trade Center during our week in New York.

Engrained in my memory is when my classmates and I gathered together and were told the terrible news by our first school teachers. We went home that day and stayed glued to the TV news, watching how the horrors were unfolding in Manhattan. Being at the site where it all happened was truly emotional.

We spent two hours walking around the memorial and museum; reading the information boards, looking at the charred ruins of inanimate objects and remembering not only those who lost their lives, but those who did everything they could to help in New York’s time of need.

One room got to me in particular. The walls were top-to-toe in photographs, showing the people who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks. There were interactive screens giving information on each person too. It was heart-breaking.

As a respite from intense emotions at the memorial, we passed some time at the unusual Westfield World Trade Center building found nearby. It’s full of shops, but it’s worth a visit for the architecture alone!

All in all, we had a highly emotional morning. But, like with Auschwitz and other historic museums, I would encourage everyone to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

We will never forget.

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