Mammoth Sunday in New York – Part 1

Sunday in New York. A day of rest for some. For us, however, it was the most jam-packed and ridiculous – in the best kind of way – day! We walked over 26,000 steps, ticked off seven of the most important ‘to see/do’ places on our itinerary – including the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn – and had a blast doing it!

As I’ve mentioned, our New York trip was bucket list ticking central. And Sunday was one of the best days for it.

Visit the Statue of Liberty? Tick.

Stroll through Wall Street? Tick.

Walk across Brooklyn Bridge? Tick.

Visit Dumbo and eat pizza in Brooklyn? Tick and tick.

See the city views from the Empire State Building at night? Tick.

See the shop window Christmas displays? Tick.

Tick, tick, tick!

We started with breakfast at our favourite place, Westway Diner. Then caught the metro to the bottom of the city in order to catch the ferry to Liberty Island.

After a breezy boat ride, we approached the iconic Statue of Liberty only for us to all agree that it looked so much… smaller in person! Of course, she’s still bloomin’ huge but not quite as much as we’d been expecting.

We hopped off the boat and took a look around the museum. Then we explored around the statue itself. It was as grand (much bigger when looking up at!), historical and fascinating as it looks on TV.

When we’d may full use of our Statue of Liberty tickets, we caught the ferry back to Manhattan and found ourselves on Wall Street. Unfortunately, some of the buildings were covered in scaffolding but it was a good stop nonetheless.

Next, we made our way down to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, taking in the sights and surroundings as we went.

Brooklyn Bridge looked incredibly grand and it was wonderful to finally walk across it, after years of only seeing photographs online. Taking our time, we admired the structure and the views of New York and Brooklyn.

Once over the other side, we headed straight for the infamous spot to see the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo. It was as impressive as expected!

All the exploring worked up quite the appetite and being in Brooklyn, we had to have some pizza. We found ourselves at Front Street Pizza, just around the corner from the views. It was incredibly tasty and it felt like we were eating ‘proper’ pizza.

The first part of our day was chock-a-block but absolutely awesome. And that was even before we’d even been up the Empire State Building or witnessed some of the shops magical Christmas window displays…

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