Mammoth Sunday in New York – Part 2

The first part of our epic Sunday in New York was just that: epic! But then we did something that truly took my breath away. In fact, it became the highlight of my holiday! We went up the Empire State Building and saw the city from above at night.

Before the trip, we were told by friends and read online that the Rockefeller Center had a better view and that the Empire State Building could be missed. But the Empire State is iconic. So much so, that we simply couldn’t miss it! Therefore, we decided to do the Top of the Rock in the day and the Empire State at night. A decision very well made.

Words cannot describe and photos don’t do justice to quite how spectacular New York looks at night.

I was blown away and in utter awe the whole time we were there. Even when my hands and face were going numb from the icy wind that didn’t let up. In fact, I hardly noticed it until we went back inside because I couldn’t stop admiring the view!

If you’re going to visit New York, make sure you do an observatory deck visit at night, as well as the day. It’ll be worth it!

Completely on a high from the magnificent time at the Empire State Building, we grabbed a quick bite to eat. Then we headed over to Macy’s to start our mini Christmas window display tour.

It’s safe to say that America certainly doesn’t do things in halves! Macy’s was the perfect start, with each window being a separate interactive display. Each as festive and fun as the next.

Carrying on with our tour, we popped by Bryant Park before heading to Radio City and the Rockefeller Center. I had seen the latter during my early morning explorations, but the others hadn’t and I was just as keen to see them again. They looked beautiful, but the surrounding area was incredibly busy. Still, we prevailed and finally ended at Saks on Fifth Avenue.

This was where we witnessed one of the most impressive Christmas-themed places in New York. Not quite a window display and more of a show, music blasted out whilst lights danced on the side of the department store. It was awesome! Completely over-the-top but not at all tacky and utterly captivating. It definitely has to be one of the top ‘New York at Christmas time’ hot spots.

The Sunday was our favourite day of the trip. We saw loads and even though it was exhausting, it was 10000% worth it!

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