City Break to Gdańsk, Poland

This may be about five months late, but I’m finally catching up on blog posts, starting with this one: our city break to Gdańsk. I’ll be totally honest, I hadn’t heard of the Polish city of Gdańsk until September last year. That was until an image on Pinterest caught my eye. I then searched for more Gdańsk photos and immediately knew it was a place I needed to go. The images were full of gingerbread-style buildings, riverside views and it just looked pretty. What sealed the deal was the fact that flights were cheap and so, no less than a week later, my Mum and I booked the trip!

Mum and I have not been abroad together since…ever. Shocking, I know! We’ve been for weekends away in the U.K., just never ventured further afield. But my Mum is also my best friend and whenever we do anything together, we always have the best time. Therefore, I had no doubts this would be case for this trip too.

Our weekend started with an eye-watering early start at 2am on Friday morning back in February, to allow us sufficient time to get to Bristol Airport and catch our 6:30am flight to Poland.

We landed at 10am, local time, and dropped our bags off at the apartment – more details on where we stayed further down this post. We were incredibly thankful to our lovely host for allowing us to do this, as we hadn’t wanted to haul our luggage around until the official check in at 3pm!

With our bags secure, we hit the pavements and headed to the city centre to get our first taste of Gdańsk. Mum and I meandered our way through the back streets and finally came to the Golden Gate at the top of Dluga Street, Gdańsk’s infamous ‘Long Market’ street.

Dluga Street was the epitome of picturesque. Imagine a fairytale town and I’m sure it would match that of Gdańsk streets. The main walkway was lined by cute buildings either side. Cafes and restaurants, offering all types of world-wide cuisine, were inviting cold tourists to sample their goods, with many having heated and covered outdoor seating areas set up.

As we walked, both of us admired the incredible architecture and variety of building shapes and sizes. This soon turned in to a ‘spot the …’ game, as there were unusual and interesting things, such as a wrought iron iguana or a stone angel, on every building. You may think that this would get boring quickly, but oh no. There was simply too much to see and we had a right laugh with it!

Having found ourselves halfway down the street, we came face to face with the Neptune Fountain. By the time we’d finished admiring the fountain, our tummies were starting to groan. Considering it was past midday, it was also time for our first official holiday drink. We called in at Elephant Club, ordered pierogi; along with two small beers and a shot of flavoured vodka each – the best way to drink beer, as discovered in Kraków last year. It was lovely and we even watched a raptor chasing sparrows, right opposite where we were sat!

After lunch, we worked our way back to the apartment to officially check in.

Gosia’s apartment, located a 10 minute walk from the centre of the city and a 5 minute walk from the train station, was ideal. It has two double beds, a clean bathroom and comfortable kitchen/seating area. It was also tastefully decorated! Gosia was a brilliant host also and made us feel very welcome!

Once freshened up, back out the door we went; this time, in search of dinner. After our early start and busy day, we were tired and settled for La Sicilia, located just around the corner from the apartment. To be honest, it was the best decision we could have made. We feasted on the best pizza that either of us have found outside of Italy. Mum ordered a Verdura, which arrived smothered with oozing gorgonzola cheese and garlic, topped with spinach; whereas I opted for an Etna Volcano that had spicy salami, olives, juicy tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. All washed down with a carafe of red – or two! Even thinking about that dinner makes my mouth water, it was gooood!

We clambered in to our beds feeling tired, full and excited for the rest of the weekend in Gdańsk.

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