Main Town Walking Tour & Gdańsk Port

Saturday morning in Gdańsk started with delectable pasteries and fresh coffee at Pellowski Bakery and Coffee Bistro. Which was followed by a ‘free’ walking tour of the Main Town.

Having done my first free walking tour in Kraków the year before, I can proudly say that I now love them. These tours are the perfect opportunity to see the city you’re visiting, whilst learning about it’s history and stories that you wouldn’t have necessarily known otherwise. I clued Mum in on how good they are and we chose to go on the Main Town walking tour. It certainly didn’t disappoint!

Our group met by the Golden Gate and we proceeded to walk around the city. We learnt about the city’s origins, what happened during the World Wars, the prisons, thermometers, amber selling and more. It was a fascinating walking tour, with the Walkative’s tour guide being very knowledgeable.

The free walking tours are what they say on the tin: free. This is because you don’t need to pay to join them, you can simply choose to tip the guide if you want to. We thoroughly enjoyed the morning, so Mum and I decided to do just this.

The tour had ended near the Port of Gdańsk and it wasn’t long until we were settling under blankets at a table outside of Restauracja Żuraw. Mum and I watched the world go by whilst chatting about the walking tour and waiting for our food to arrive. Obviously, we had to go for more Pierogi, which tasted much better than those from the day before.

Each of us had a huuuge slice of sweet, spiced apple pie, with a generous dollop of ice cream, for dessert. Again, it was another one of the weekend’s great food decisions. I’d go as far to say it could have possibly been the tastiest apple pie I’ve ever tried; it was divine! Once the food had gone, we basked in the winter sunshine and sipped at our wine. It was bliss!

The rest of our afternoon was spent walking off lunch around the waterways. The whole area practically glowed in the sunlight, it was gorgeous.

I didn’t take many photos from our evening, but here’s a quick run down:

We struggled to find a place to eat dinner, each restaurant we tried being fully booked. In the end we settled for dinner at the Elephant Club. It was decent and there was good live music playing. Unfortunately, we agreed that we’d probably wouldn’t go back there for a main meal again.

Afterwards, we popped in to No To Cyk for a drink. This quirky bar was full of memorabilia and was worth the visit, but it was also full of people and we ended up leaving after the first round. That’s when we called it a day and went back to the apartment, stopping at the local convenience store to pick up some flavoured vodka to enjoy before bed.

All in all, it was another great day!

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