St. Mary’s Basilica & Gdańsk Explorations

Mum and I woke up early on Sunday morning and instead of lying around in the apartment, we got up and went straight out. Our intentions for our final day in Gdańsk was to see the views from St. Mary’s Basilica Tower and do final explorations of the city.

Gdańsk was pretty much a ghost town for the first couple of hours on the Sunday, with it’s residents and tourists either sleeping or attending church services. This gave us the perfect opportunity to get in some city photography without having to deal with too many people.

We wracked up our steps as we wandered away from the apartment to the port, up through the infamous Ul. Mariacka – where amber is sold during the day – and on to Ul. Długa.

Gdańsk is such a hidden gem for architecture, as you can tell by how snap happy I was!

After a quick breakfast, we made our way to St. Mary’s Basilica and paid the entry fee to visit the tower. Some 405 steps and a whole host of puffing and panting later and we stepped out on to the viewing platform. The views that greeted us were incredible!

Although the weather had taken quite the turn, St. Mary’s Basilica views didn’t disappoint. Again, we both got a little snap happy and probably spent a good half an hour to an hour up there.

St. Mary’s Basilica is well worth the visit and was one of the highlights from our trip. I could have stood there all day, if it wasn’t so cold!

When our fingers – and practically the rest of our bodies! – started to go numb, we climbed back down and out on to the street again. We wandered back down to the port for one last meander around the gorgeous waterways.

By this point, we got peckish again and there was only one place we wanted to go: La Sicilia. We had been unsure whether the restaurant would live up to our expectations from the Friday night. But the food was just as incredible as our first visit, much to our delight!

We polished off another pizza each and carafe of velvety red wine, before hitting the Long Market street again.

Having seen everything we wanted to, we grabbed a table outside and enjoyed a relaxing couple of drinks at Plotkin Bistro. We started with the classic: beer and vodka.

Which was nice, but not as nice as the warm cherry liquor we ordered on the next round. This drink was the ideal one for a cold afternoon; so much so, we ended up having two!

Fast forward a few hours and we realised we’d spent the afternoon people watching, reminiscing and generally chatting the time away. The temperature had dropped and wind had picked up and we, being slightly tiddly at this point, felt rather hungry. We took a short walk to the port and found shelter in Riverside by Pilsner.

We were seated under the twinkly fairy lights next to an indoor heater and drank beer whilst listening to some really awesome live music. Even though we’d eaten a pizza each for lunch, our tummies were rumbling so we ordered Polish meat platters. Clearly we had eyes bigger than our bellies! The meal was huge and we couldn’t finish it, but it was delicious at the same!

After a very windswept walk back to the apartment, we went to bed and woke up feeling sad that our holiday was over. But we had an absolutely incredible weekend and were very lucky to have been able to go before all the craziness of Covid-19 erupted. I’m also now super excited for the next adventure we’re planning in Vienna in a couple of years!

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