Amy Walks: Ebrington Circular, Take 2

During the Covid-19 lockdown, us Brits were only able to go outdoors for exercise once a day. The exercise had to be local and only with members of your household. That was until May, when an announcement was made to say that we could meet one other person from another household outside and could drive to do so. Since this announcement, I have been making the most of this new-found freedom and break from exams. Starting with the Ebrington circular with Jodie. And what a treat it was!

We started in the village, heading out towards the countryside, passing very cute lambs along the way. The Ebrington circular route looped around to Foxcote House and down to Watery Gate before ending back in the village. I had actually completed this walk with my Mum at the end of summer last year, but we’d done it backwards so was weird going around and sort of recognising the route!

As we walked, we talked and talked, catching up in person for the first time in months! And of course, we admired pretty much everything in sight. From the farm fields to houses to flowers to butterflies! It was wonderful outing and made me very happy that I got to see my beautiful friend again. Even if we did have to remain at a distance and couldn’t hug each other.

It also made me realise just how much I need to get out on walks and with my friends. I had missed being able to chat about nonsense, whilst walking in a beautiful area and in the fresh air. So much so that I have been getting out as much as possible and have plenty of other posts about walks coming your way soon!

But enough of my rambling! Here are my favourite photos from our lush Ebrington circular trek.

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