Amy Walks: Guiting Power & Naunton Circular

My third walk, post-lockdown, was a decent five and a half mile circular from Guiting Power and through Naunton.

Naunton is quite possibly my favourite village in the Cotswolds. It’s peaceful, picturesque and has a cute section of river running through it. I’ve visited a couple of times now and always feel happy and calm there. Therefore, when I was searching for a trail to take and spotted that this one from Guiting Power went through Naunton, I couldn’t resist!

Living in the Cotswolds means that I’m lucky enough to have such a beautiful area on my doorstep and I’ve visited quite a few of the villages before. Having said that though, I’d never actually been to Guiting Power. So, I had a little nose around this quaint village before heading deep into the surrounding countryside. A few fields, streams, a quarry and a stunning field of poppies later and I reached Naunton. But not before looking like a mad woman as I tried to photograph butterflies that refused to stay still. After a quick stroll through the village, I was back in the countryside and heading back towards Guiting Power.

The route was the ideal mix of village and countryside, of hills and plateaus and of nature and landscape views. Being five and half miles, with decent ascents, made me feel like I worked up quite a sweat and exercised enough for the day. And what’s more rewarding than a walk that is interesting throughout and makes you feel good at the end?!

Scroll to see the photographs from this Guiting Power and Naunton circular. It’s definitely one to add to your ‘to-walk’ list – if you’re like me and have one that is! If you know any great Cotswolds and Gloucestershire walks, please feel free to comment and let me know; I’d love to do more!

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