Amy Walks: Mickleton & the Hidcotes Circular

Another social distancing walk that I needed to go on as soon as we were able to was with my bestie, Nikki. Having realised that we hadn’t been on an outing together since January the year before, we knew this had to change and booked in a walk at Mickleton, Gloucestershire.

Using a trail from the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we met in the morning and set off feeling confident. This lasted approximately 10 minutes, when we realised that we’d made the first mistake following the directions. We turned back, found the route, and promptly got confused and lost again. Usually, the Miles Without Stiles trails are pretty bang on the money. We simply couldn’t get the hang of this one at the beginning though! Roughly one mile out of our way and a couple of locals helping us out later and we were finally on the right route. This allowed us to have a well-overdue and much-needed catch up.

We paused for breath at various viewpoints, before continuing with our stomp. It was another beautiful route, though it did have some rather steep sections and wouldn’t be suitable for everyone. The further around the route we went, the easier the directions were. We soon found ourselves back in Mickleton a couple of hours later.

This walk was truly interesting, not only for the views but for the extras we found along the way. There was a tree carving made by a Belgian Soldier at the end of the first World War. A Hare Trail sculpture spotted in Hidcote. There was even a plaque about goldfish that lived in a trough! Unfortunately, it appeared a Heron had got them as they were no longer there but even so! It was fascinating and would certainly like to do it again. I had a brilliant time with Nikki as well and we have vowed to not leave it so long next time – watch this space!

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