Amy Walks: Broadway to Stanton & Laverton

My AAT exams still haven’t started back up and so, I’m making the most of the study-free time as best I can. This meant that when it came to a Tuesday evening that had a good weather forecast and I had no other plans, I decided to get off my bum and out on a seven nine mile trek from Broadway to Stanton and Laverton.

You’re probably thinking: nine miles during the U.K.’s June heatwave – a.k.a. our summer – is a crazy idea. Well, you’re not wrong! Luckily, my willpower when walking is strong, and I had a full litre bottle of water to keep me going. You’ll also notice that “seven” has a strike through it in the first paragraph. This is because the route I was following said “seven miles”. The route I actually walked was nine. Nine whole miles, after having been working in the office during the day. And do you know what? Despite the heat and the length, I bloody loved it! I came to the end with an enormous sense of pride as it had felt like a massive achievement. Granted, the last two miles were haaard, but it was incredibly rewarding.

I’m slightly getting ahead of myself there though… The walk started when I parked up in the middle of Broadway – hurrah for the current free parking situation, thanks Corona! – and headed out of the village. I soon came the first of the hills and it was a pretty steep one! Coupled with the strong sun and I probably produced a gallon of sweat in the first hour – a lovely image, I know… – but I reached the top and was rewarded by a lovely view over Broadway.

I continued across farmland and ended up on the phone with my Mum. I huffed and puffed as I powered along the walk – sorry Mum! – and we chatted away. I soon reached a field with some adorable foals in, then another field where I was surrounded by three friendly ponies. Mum and I laughed at the situation, before saying our goodbyes so that I could carry on. I soon found myself on the descent to Stanton and in a welcome patch of shaded woodland.

A bit further on and I made another call to my Mum: I’d just seen a gravestone. It was probably only for a pet, but it wasn’t half creepy! We had a giggle about me being out in the sticks before hanging up again, me being sure to tell my Mum exactly where I was beforehand! I continued into Stanton, snapping away at the picturesque cottages that were glowing in the ‘golden hour’ light. No less than twenty minutes after my gravestone call and I was calling Mum again. This time, it was about the sheep that were herded through the village! I literally couldn’t have made it up, much to mine and my Mum’s amusement.

Leaving Stanton behind, I made my way across the sunset-soaked fields towards Laverton. I soon passed through another field of horses, but with much larger ones in. Luckily, I’m not scared of horses and was able to pass by easily. Laverton was a sweet little village with some gorgeous houses in and another nice addition to the walk. By this point though, I was lagging. I gritted my teeth and pushed myself the final couple of miles back into Broadway. Not before having to tackle another large hill that is – I’m sure I almost died trying to reach the top! But as the saying goes, the best views come after the hardest climbs and my word, was my view of the sunset across the landscape a stunning one!

As I mentioned earlier, I reached the end of this Broadway, Stanton and Laverton walk feeling very tired but also very proud. It had been a mammoth walk, but I was glad to have done it! It also showed me that I can do longer routes and am already planning another long outing soon.

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