Amy Walks: Hollybush Circular, The Malverns

Following my epic trek from Broadway earlier in the week, I was on a hiking roll and decided to spend my Friday evening doing a trek from Hollybush on the Malvern Hills, with a quick stop at Gullet Quarry.

I’ll admit now, this wasn’t my favourite walk. I had been expecting an easy-sih trail, pretty hill views and a quiet area. What I got was a muggy, hot trek on a harder-than-expected trail and a very busy quarry.

The Hollybush trail consists of two circular trails. The first takes you down to Whiteleaved Oak and around the Ragged Stone Hill. It started well, until I found myself on the wrong track. Having doubled back, I had to walk up and down a hill again, before heading up to a woodland. The heat wasn’t ideal and I found it hard work. Despite this, I found my way to the trees and on a attractive path back to Hollybush.

The second circular trail takes you up and around Midsummer Hill. This was where I thought the steep incline would be rewarded by decent views, but I was quite disappointed. It could have been the hazy day conditions or the fact I was finding the walk difficult from the start. But it just didn’t hit the spot. I meandered back through the wood and to the car, deciding to nip to Gullet Quarry before driving home. Again, I had expected there to be a few people at the quarry because of the weather but it was heaving. I stayed long enough to get a couple of snaps before turning on my heel and going home.

Whilst I didn’t enjoy the trail as much as I’d expected, I am still pleased with the images I captured. It also reminds me that not all outings are going to be perfect, but that I still need to find the positives. In this case, I did some decent exercise and was out in the fresh air in a new place. It’s not all bad!

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