Amy Walks: Great Rissington

Pepper came to stay for the weekend recently and like most dogs, she loves going on a walk. So, whenever we have her, I try to make the most of it and plan some pleasant outings for us. This time, I took her out for a gentle stroll around Great Rissington, Gloucestershire.

The weather was pretty strange: warm, but drizzly and windy . Not that that stopped us! The route started in Great Rissington and we immediately found ourselves out in the countryside. Pepper was very pleased to be off her lead and ran ahead into the open space, making the most of her new-found freedom.

The trail crossed fields, snaked along side the River Windrush and past fields full of crops and wildflowers. It was quite a short route – only three miles – but lovely nonetheless. Quite like the Salperton trail, it felt like we were properly out in the sticks and away from everything. It was the ideal place to chill and exercise.

We made it back to Great Rissington an hour and a half later and Pepper flopped in the boot after running around so much. The drizzling weather had made me feel very autumnal and I can imagine it’d be a gorgeous route in the later part of the year. I’m definitely going to have to come back to do it in another season!

Here are a selection of my favourite photos from the gentle walk. Let me know if you have any local walks that you’d recommend, I’m always on the lookout and want to do more!

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