Is Online Slot Gambling Legal in the Near Future?

is online slot gambling legal

While legalized online sports betting is now available in more than 30 states, state lawmakers are still sifting through the possibility of launching online casino sites. However, the question is whether online slot gambling will be made legal in the near future. To answer this, we must first take a look at the current state of affairs for each jurisdiction.

Massachusetts is a state that could potentially make online casinos legal within the next few years. In the meantime, residents have access to social (free-play) gambling sites and sweepstakes games. In the past, the state has been a leader in gaming and is one of the most popular destinations for casino players. It’s therefore only a matter of time before it joins the ranks of states that allow regulated iGaming.

Delaware was one of the first states to launch legal iGaming, opening up its gambling market in October 2013. Its land-based casinos established online wagering sites with software provided by 888 Holdings, and a repeal of PASPA allowed for sports betting on those sites this year. Delaware also offers its residents a few online casino options, such as Bally’s Dover Online, which features a range of games including slots and table games.

New Hampshire lawmakers have yet to make any progress on legalizing iGaming. However, the state’s neighboring states – Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia – are offering online casinos and sports betting. Consequently, it’s only a matter of time before a similar measure is introduced in New Hampshire.

In Colorado, a bill to allow online casino games was introduced in the legislature in 2022. However, the state’s harsh anti-gambling policies made it difficult for any legislation to gain traction. While online poker is legal, there are no online casinos available for the state’s residents.

It’s been a little longer in Utah, where iGaming remains illegal. Legislation aimed at changing the state’s policies failed to gain any traction in 2020. However, there are a few social casinos that offer free-play slots and other games.

New York’s government is making it clear that iGaming will eventually become legal in the state. In fact, Senator Joe Addabbo proposed iGaming legislation that would see the launch of a state-licensed iCasino in 2023. The new law would help offset the high sports betting tax rate by allowing for an online casino site with table games and live dealer games. As the Big Apple is a tourist Mecca, these casinos could prove lucrative. Moreover, New York’s low minimum age requirement for gaming should draw in younger players.